The Short Story – AuZtralia

You always knew everything in Australia will kill you, what about the new offering from veteran board game designer Martin Wallace- AuZtralia?

It’s a semi coop resource/economy, railway building, territory grabbing, combat smorgasbord and that’s all before the Old One madness begins.  Knowing the Old Ones will wake and create havoc for everyone encourages you to make quick use of  as many scare outback resources as you can.  Building railways and farms, creates a buffer for your port and managing your barracks is essential.  Should anyone lose a port you all lose and the Old Ones can outscore you if they disrupt enough of your plans, so a modicum of cooperation is required.  The game is still being given final tweaks  but I like it and can’t wait for my Kickstarter copy to arrive in the mail (due September).

Mr Wallace thank you for another great game.  You can give AuZtralia a whirl on Tabletopia  and see if it’s a fit.

-Sam Clayton




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