The Final Score 4th of March 2018 – Dave Gray

Welcome to a late Final Score. Apologies everyone for the late report. But heck life got in the road and my muddled brain… nuf about that. Sunday was a great day of gaming at the club.

First a correction! Yes blame me… it would appear that I’ve been incorrectly referring to Infinity as “Infinity Wars”… bad monkey! It is indeed just “Infinity”. What would I know… I’m a Euro gamer. This game has army men minis, made of metal and stuff. So consider that fixed.

Speaking of which there were three tables running on Sunday, however numbers were down a wee bit. But Ben was reportedly grumpy and the quieter day probably suited his mood. He was good spirited all the same and was coaching players, in an ungrumpy way. Players continue to amass army men in all shapes and sizes. There is also something happening with the lore in which the Japanese are defecting or something… equates to “it’s a good thing”. I believed them.

Meanwhile the Star Wars RPG game continued. All seemed to be enjoying the relaxed DM style with Joshua and having fun on their adventure. Until that is Dan was apparently thrown down a garbage shoot and went and played Armada… what else does one do?

On the quieter side we settled down to a game of a classic Euro in Trajan. The key mechanic in this game is a mancala to determine actions. It’s tricky as everything is linked and gets you points, but you can’t do everything and it’s that challenge of determining the most optimal choice. It has a Roman theme but heck it’s a Euro! But the theme is certainly there and I enjoy the game. Phil got a stellar score with some sneaky grabs for some end game scoring tokens that served him well.

Until next week 

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