The Final Score 4th of February 2018 – Dave Gray

Welcome to this week’s Final Score! Wow what a great day of participation at the club today. Awesome turnout and great to see everyone. Even Damon came back from India to join us. Sweet 🙂

First up it was hard to miss the Infinity Wars tables! Pretty sure there were 4 tables and a steady rotation of games happening. Ben Hayes has set up some sweet league rules happening so every one is on the same page and learning together. Great to see.

Notable identities at Infinity Wars were The General (Jurrun Beaton) and Michael Lyness back with their very nicely painted minis. These are something to behold – check out the pictures this week. Really awesome details and those models are not large at all so well done lads. Nice. Even Damon Baume abandoned cubes for minis this week. Dave was plugging away playing and having a ball. Even took time out to posterise quantum theory with his laser. Most of all everyone was having a blast. Matches are quick and appear really fun. If your interested in an intro game have a chat with Ben and he will match you up.

Next big event of the day was the Dragonfire Demo with the lads from Overdrive Gaming Store. A huge thank you to Tony, Adrian and Luke for coming along and playing with us and teaching Dragonfire. We had a great demo table set up and Grace, Sam and Johnathan joined them for a few games. There were exclusive promo cards and every expansion to date right there to play and purchase. Great stuff!

Incidentally did you know that club members can get exclusive discounts off retail at Overdrive Gaming Just show your Bowling Club membership card at the store. Check out the pictures for some deals on Dragonfire; deck building, dungeon crawler in the Dungeons and Dragons universe! We are trying to have a few more organised play events through the year. Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for when! Again thanks Tony, we sincerely appreciate your time and efforts! It would be great to have you along again soon.

Do you have an event, organised play planned or activity for the club? Make sure you let Michael know. Michael is our events planner and we want to make sure we keep everyone in the loop so they can be involved.

Great work team, see you again next week!

Whew… what a week. Great stuff!

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