The Final Score 28 January 2018 – Dave Gray


A very quiet day at the club today. Lots of people away or taking advantage of the long week end. I must say I was happy to have a quiet day…

In summary, Dave managed to get his favourite game to the table, Twilight Imperium. Plus he managed to get the win, well done mate! Nice snazzy new border for the hex tiles too.

Joshua and Grace played Armada with an outcome to be decided after I left. You will have to let us know Joshua…

Finally, I managed to drag my butt in and Ben and I played Le Havre. A classic Euro at that. Great game. Ben got the solid win there. But it was enjoyable.

As I said quiet day had by all. Regardless there was a nice relaxed vibe. Awesome.

Until next time that was this week’s Final Score, quiet week, quiet score .

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