The Final Score 25th of February 2018 – Dave Gray

Great turn out today once again and thanks to everyone that came, played and conquered.

First up I should mention that the mini table toppers were at it again with three tables running Infinity Wars. There are a number of members who have started to increase their available squads with new minis. Dave showing off his new brood and fielding a few. Michael is busy painting his with what is always great results. Ben added numerous pieces of terrain and items via what looked to be 3D printing as well. Great stuff.

Meanwhile… Sam was desperate to get to the table Barbarians The Invasion. This was also the fancy Kickstarter version with cool minis. Ben and Grace joined as well as Sam convincing me to play as well. Basically at its heart it is a worker placement game with a wheel that spins and changes your options. There is also area control and war mongering. Buildings to build and gods to impress. The art work is also very impressive. But for all the invading on the box there wasn’t much of it going on.

Some say the game suffers from some balancing issues. However any balancing issues are totally fixable with some errata rules. There is a good game there. We did  have a great time together and heck, that’s the main thing.

A Game of Thrones saw the light of day. Three rowdy lads were at each other for an hour or so. Best efforts to find a fourth failed. I believe that Dan came out on top. He probably cheated, he’s shady like that.

Ben, Grace and myself commenced a game of Suburbia. You are all building suburbs in the same city and trying to get the highest population (points). This is a fantastic game of tile laying and optimisation on a tight budget. All the while watching your reputation and ensuring you are attracting new residents (points). Grace had a killer income strategy while Ben resorted to corruption with a Casino. However that strategy proved a winning one with Grace and I in a close race well behind. Nice one Ben.

Armada and 40k were the other two usual suspects to make an appearance this week. While Sam started to sort out another Kickstarter Tau Ceti – Planetary Crisis.

Take care this week everyone and don’t work too hard

What a nice way to spend your afternoon! Why not join us next week?

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