The Final Score 21 January 2018 – Dave Gray

This week as planned kicked off with a very productive 1st Committee meeting of the year. Thanks to all that made the effort to attend. Big take home for everyone from the meeting was the following:

Expect more promotion this year with promo materials being made available as a download on Facebook for everyone to download, print and use how they want to. I’d encourage everyone to put up a poster somewhere.

We are hoping to have a calendar that is a bit more forward planned to give everyone the chance to plan to attend events. Some exciting ideas are for a few tournaments and a family day of gaming. Stay tuned.

We are trialling putting the sign in sheet on the first round table as you walk in, please remember to do so. We will not be hounding people, this is your one job as a member. Offer to also sign in guests to the club at the book upstairs.

Now onto the gaming!

The Star Wars RPG group got up and running today and didn’t take long to get right into it. They were still going when I left! Dave reported to me that they were planning a heist but unfortunately he has been made infamous by a portrait mural on a wall… how does this stuff happen?

It was great to see some visitors today! I had the privilege of playing Ashes with Shannon Frohlich and his family visiting from Newcastle. They have a local club called Every Gamers Guild: and they too have a presence on Facebook. It was great to sit down with Shannon and share notes and experiences of our clubs. Now that said I actually managed one loss and one win today! First for a long time. Pretty sure he went easy on me. Their club has one of the biggest Ashes communities in Australia and regularly attend tournaments… I appreciate the win none the less! Thanks also to Phil who also played. And lost… ha!

Meanwhile Dalton made a visit! Great to see him and spend an hour or so with us. He said he is still gaming and having a great time in Melbourne. Awesome!

The mini guys were at it again today playing some Bolt Action and a game of Infinity Wars. The whole death from above strategy had Birry on the back foot at last count.

Phil and I played a few games together including Isle of Sky and one new to me called Skyward. Skyward is an interesting drafting game with an “I cut, you choose” mechanic. One that I’ve not used before and it makes for an interesting draft. The game was of course lost by me and Phil got a solid victory… meh I’m getting used to it.

Well, that about wraps up this week’s Final Score! Great day had by all. Until next week! Have a great week! Me I’m going back to work… ಠ_ಠ

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