The Final Score 18th of February 2018 – Dave Gray

It that time of the week when the club meets at 11am for another round of Gaming goodness and your Final Score.

We had a great turnout at the club today with old and new faces.

So The General snuck up on me early… psssst you have to go have a look at the Bolt Action set up… off I went (The General has issued orders) Camera in hand. And blow me away what a set up. Jacob joined Michael from afar (near Grafton – Top effort that). There were buildings everywhere, orchards roads and no cross roads, just a T intersection and gravel, you name it and it was there. Very impressive and looked great. Pictures attached. Nice one lads.

Phil turned up with a new game, Azul; which was new to me too and in my radar. Sold as a quick but thinky game, I was in. And yup it’s really quick and absolutely beautiful. Great game where you collect tiles and work on completing your own mosaic in order to complete adjacency, rows and columns for points. Phil animated me. But 1st game and I’d play different next time. But like I said it really is very good and a pleasure to play. Thanks Phil.

Next up I must thank Sam for bringing Xia Legends of a Drift System and playing it with the expansion as well. No small task as it added some complexity but well worth the effort. This is a sandbox space game. I really enjoyed it and needs repeated plays to get it. The rules while not complicated there are a lot of them so we spent some time working out a few things. So many choices and a lot of fun. I think the fun level would go up with repeated plays as well. I’m backing this one on Kickstarter and glad for it. Awesome! Oh and Phil won that one as well.

There was also games of Infinity had with Ben still working on maintaining interest. Two tables were pumping and it was good to see. Star Wars Armada was the other mini game being played today, all I heard was something about roaming ships… sounded pretty rough to me.

Dave had the club 3D printer going today. Printing out some tokens/scenery for Infinity. They looked great. If you have a job to print I’m sure one of the club members would be happy to assist you print it.

So that about wraps it up this week. Take care and see you all next week!

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