The Final Score 14 January 2018 – Dave Gray

What a great vibe at the game day today! A great turn out and from all accounts everyone had a great afternoon.

Ben Hayes had a fantastic afternoon of organised play of Infinity Wars. There are a good number of members now with starting kits and extras. There was a mini competition held and and few prizes handed out. Scores are in the post pictures section. Well done Ben for organising the afternoon and providing the support for new players.

I’m not sure if it was between games or at the end but Camel Cup came out and played by Ben Andersen, Jurrun Beaton (aka The General), Steven Htay and Birry McQueen. Perfect game for having a laugh and filling in time. I was told who won however, I forgot… but Ben indicated that it was lack of experience that caused some of them to lose. Then again you are betting on camels…

Meanwhile, we got a game of Civilisation A New Dawn going. Basically a streamline new version of the game derived from the computer game of the same name. There has been a few editions from Fantasy Flight for this game but this is the first I’ve played.

It has a very clever card mechanic where the longer you wait to use it the more powerful it gets. There is area control and a bit of combat which is a bit of a chore but resolved with a dice roll. The board is modular and looks great and there is enough variety here for multiple and varied plays of different strategies. Grace came from behind to win this one after a stellar effort from Simon Tymczuk who was a hit bashed up for striking the lead early. Dan had a big spit over a card… poor lad feels so strongly he’s now going to write a letter. The wash up was most of us would like to play it again and some that won’t. We did however have a good time playing and learning it and I’m glad to have finally got round to playing it.

The new hotness also got a look in today and that was Dragonfire which has received a lot of buzz the last few months. Dragonfire is a cooperative deck building game set in the D&D universe. Sam Clayton, Phil and Andrew played this one. Feelings were again mixed but those liking it said it was good. Not your typical D&D rollplaying game. If deckbuilding is your thing then be sure to give this one a go.

While that was happening Roll for the Galaxy was played and shaken up as usual. So, hectic… Dan won, it was revenge for the card thing. Simon came a close second. In the words of the great learned Birry… “Roll for the Galaxy seems to bring out our worst…”. It was absolutely entertaining though. It was about here the inappropriate jokes started. It went down hill from there.

The recurring theme of Scotland was back with a few games of Isle of Sky. This was sold to Dan as “competitive tile laying Game that is not Carcassonne…” which he bought hook line and sinker. Then realised he was playing a full blown Euro. However, I’m not sure I’ve laughed so much playing a game in ages. What a great time was had. So much so we played twice! There was plenty of screwage and winging about stolen sheep so, so funny. Thanks guys! Seriously though this is a fast playing tile laying game that is really competitive. Highly recommended. Simon should be congratulated for his high score of 82 which I believe is a pretty good score. No idea who won the second, packed it up so quick I forgot to log the scores.

Pretty sure that wraps up another great afternoon of gaming at the club. Thanks to all that attended and took part. There really was a great vibe at the club today and what makes that is our members, good stuff. Fairy claps all round!

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