The Final Score 11th of March 2018 -Dave Gray


What a fantastic day at the club! Great turnout, lots of new faces and lots of familiar ones and best of all plenty of games played! So good to see everyone having a fantastic time!

So what went down…

Well the Bolt Action Boys were set up pretty early as expected. It was a combined dynamic duo of The General and Simon Vs Michael. Don’t feel sorry for Michael, at last count he was rolling well and the gods had not jinxed his dice. Not sure if that held out but let’s go with that for now. At least until we hear differently. The battlefield this week was set up in fantastic fashion… it had blocks as opposed to roads this time. Gravel as well… awesome stuff.

There were also some Infinity going on. I didn’t get much of the low down on this but I do know Damon the Traitor was up to his neck in army men. Loving it I might add… rest assured Ben that in your absence the Infinity was strong with your brethren.

Phil has been trying to get The Expanse Board Game to the table and today his wish was fulfilled. So we settled in to play with newcomer Nix, Dave the original and myself with Phil at the helm. To summarise, choose cards to use the action points or the event (think Twilight Struggle) to move ships and place influence and score points while shafting your mates. It gets really interesting knowing that the scoring will be variable based on the zone that’s scored and only one person picks it. I must say I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this one. I would play again.


Sam, Ben, Grace and Kyle played Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game which looks really interesting. Don’t let the name put you off. This is a worker placement game where cell resources are the commodity and worker placement is the way to do it. Convert resources to build enzymes, hormones and receptors to score points. Point means prizes, you win with the most. I’d be interested to give this light weight Euro a try as I like the theme and it looks amazing with high production and art value. See Sam if you’d like to try it out.We also had a game of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game happening. This game has all the elements of an RPG adventure with some legacy component where your character levels up and gets more stuff. Looks like a lot of fun.

Last up is a classic, Catan. Last thing I heard and saw was Billy moaning about wheat and Grace trying to unsuccessfully build roads without the resources. She was sprung and no roads were built. Yet another game of what seems to be a peaceful Euro but really is just shafting your mates again. Nix was there too… I have a feeling she enjoys such fair so watch out you lot.

Everyone was still playing when I left and I’m sure more would have come out if it wasn’t for life getting in the road.

Right! That about does it from me this week. Wow, great week. If you think this might be for you we would welcome you to join us from 11am every Sunday at Lismore Heights Bowling Club, downstairs. Food and drinks are available. Have a great week everyone! Have your say in the comments and don’t forget the pictures!

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  1. Don’t do Facebook, so this seems only other contact option.
    I’m Sydney dwelling Lismore ex-pat visiting local rels. Might pop along Sunday, assuming it’s on. Also, which venue – says Lismore Heights on front page but South Bowlo on Events?
    See my games here:
    “Previously Owned” are actually the games I have with me (I just use the categories as convenient lists).

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