The Final Score 11th of February 2018 – Dave Gray

Welcome Table Top gamers and anyone else that will listen. Here is this week’s round up of our weekly gaming day!

We were missing some notables this week!  Be great to see them back soon, hopefully next week.

There was a reasonable sized group today that were happy to escape the heat. But let me tell you there was plenty of action inside as we saw a few games of Infinity Wars start up in reasonable time. The usual good time had by all. Last time I checked Ben was meticulously building terrain. That must be part of the fun right?

Secondly, the Star Wars RPG group settled in for a session. Joshua now sporting a very spiffy DM screen. Nice. Dave, Dan (and his unimpressive head), Grace and Andrew were off on a new adventure! I can also report no one has died yet and ergo they are all winning at this point. Fantastic! May the force be with you my friends.

I was much relieved to have some Euro gaming buddies there this week. First up we tackled Rajas of the Ganges. It looks really involved but heck like nearly every Euro, it isn’t. It has some really excellent worker placement, dice drafting/selection mechanics. As well as tile placement stuff as well. These are your tools to be the quickest to achieve a reputation equal to your wealth and win. The components are beautiful and it’s a fantastic game. Thanks Erin and Chris for bringing it along.

Phil brought along a BNIS Castles of Burgundy and with three other seasoned players we offered to teach it to him. The rule book is a bit of an arse to be honest. So we did. After punching everything and setting up. Must say this game does take longer with 4 but it’s still a pleasure. It was great to share this one with a new comer to it and hopefully Phil will be able to teach his wife. It’s a great two player experience. Thanks Phil!

Last up I saw Armada got a look in as well. I have absolutely no idea the outcome on that one. I was busy counting chickens and making combos. I did take a picture though!

Thank you so much everyone that came along today to make it awesome. Be great to see you there next week from 11am! There are already games being lined up! See you there!! Keep an eye on the page this week for stories from our members, take care and have a great week.

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