Joshua’s Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG – Session 2

With week 3 of the Star Wars Edge of the Empire Campaign on the horizon here is a recap of the previous action.

Session II: Heist Homework

At the conclusion of the last session the group had, by coincidence, converged on the 4 and a half cantina – Cloud City’s principal hive of ‘scum and villiany. Corrin (Michael B) and Ya’ Sin (Dan) were casing out the museum where the gem is on display and after noting the guard changeover, followed the shift as they left to have drinks at the 4 1/2.   Mitnik (Andrew) and Saris (Grace) were already there, having been led to the bar for a drink by used speeder dealer Grek.

The crew caught a rare glimpse of a Hutt and his entourage in the ‘VIP section’ who was giving an audience to Casino mogul gangster Vorse Tabarith (one of the bidders in the auction for the Jewel) and noted one of the guards buying the rest a round of drinks, (presumably a commander of some sort), before departing. Corrin called Ya’Sin on his comlink with instructions to tail the commander. Ya’Sin followed him up through the port town decks to the plaza (upper part of Cloud City) and to the prestigious ‘Yarith Bespin’ hotel.

Ya’Sin entered the lobby and saw the commander making a report to Marcus Grayson (The jewel’s owner).  At this point a concierge droid approached Ya’Sin asking ‘can I help you sir?’…. Ya’Sin cooly replied he was here to meet a friend, the droid then asked whether his friend was currently a guest in the hotel.   At  this point I asked myself:  Will Ya’ Sin do the sensible thing – pretend to wait for someone in the lobby until the guard had finished his report and then continue to tail him to learn where he goes after work and to have a chance to engage him in conversation.  Perhaps ply him with drinks and hopefully learn something of the security measures in place at the museum?…..

Apparently the answer to this question was not ‘of course he will – what else would he possibly do at this point?’ but rather that Ya’ Sin will barge straight past the droid and stride over to Marcus and his security man and blurt out that he knows who he is and that he knows of a threat of sabotage to the auction of the jewel.   After recovering from their initial shock at this bizarre interruption, they ask who he is and how does he know Marcus’s identity,  Ya’Sin throws back his robe revealing his blaster and tells them they can either work with him or against him….(!)..

Needless to say the four security droids in the lobby responded very quickly in training their weapons on Ya, as did the highly trained security professional. After being thoroughly searched and relieved of all weapons and comms gear he was forced to accompany them in binders up to Marcus’s suite (so much for keeping a low profile and not alerting the very owner of the jewel or his security forces to the groups presence)…I had such grand plans for Dan force using character in this session but then he had to go and get himself captured?!

Meanwhile back at the Cantina, Grek had given the crew the passkey and location of the berth containing the cloud car, their race entry, and made his farewell for the evening.

Tal Rrutian, back at the groups ship applying it’s disguise, called the group to rendezvous. After some wandering around, and visiting casinos for directions to the clandestine cantina, Tal made it to one of the secret entrances to rejoin the group.

Nn Grek’s reccomendation the group made their way to another Cantina , The Podracers Retreat, to obtain  some info on the upcoming race .   Tal tried to chat up a fellow Twilek at the bar who possibly recognised him as ‘the Hero of Market Row’.  She was unimpressed with Tals solicitous enquiries but was gracious enough to point out ol’ Sal, the grizzled pod-race veteran engineer who,  after some shouted drinks and several successful charm rolls was willing and able to give the pilots a thorough description of the race course and the strategies of the current entrants. After this encounter the group made their way to the berth on the rim of port town to inspect the vehicle.

On entering the apparently abandoned berth the group were perceptive enough to realise that what Arend Shen had ‘loaned’ them for the race was likely a brand new cloud car ‘borrowed’ (i.e. temporarily stolen) from Cloud city’s security force the ‘Wing Guard’. Mitnik gave the car a thorough inspection and discovered a way to easily remove the excess armor (Sal had mentioned that ex-Wing guard cloud cars were unsuitable for racing as the extra armour slowed them down and created drag).

Mitnik and the crew removed the armour and set about repainting the Wing guard orange paint scheme and were clever enough to apply a coat of a clear waxy polymer so that the new paint could be scraped off if the car was to be returned. As they were finishing the respray job, Lillandra (Ben – also virtually played due to absence) called them on the commlink to tell them that she had witnessed Ya’Sin being dragged off by Marcus Grayson and co. and had just gotten back to her room where her commlink was stored.

By extreme serendipity (- i.e. the use of three light side destiny points) Lillandra was leaving the hotel with a friend and strolling through the lobby at that point. It was now late and the crew needed to rest and regroup to discuss what to do about Ya’ Sin so Mitnik performed a slice of the cars electronics to see if he could set security up to alert the crew if any tampering was to take place between now and when they returned.

While doing this, Mitnik was extremely fortunate to discover that not only was there a possibility of souping up the already poweful engine modified by the wing guard, by removing speed governers, but that there was a security hole which could be exploited to rewrite transponder data. Mitnik immediately attempted to do this and while successful, inadvertently fried some part of the circuits thereby locking the new fake transponder code and making it impossible to change back without further work..(triple threat roll aided by GM dark side destiny point)

At this point the group decided to call it a day and make their way back to their ship to rest (they also discussed a plan to potentially sabotage one of the rival crews cloud cars by performing the same trick but instead writing the Wing guard transponder code into their ship to possibly have them investigated for theft of ExEx/Wing Guard property). The crew hurried back to the ship to regroup but in their haste failed to notice a still warm speeder bike sitting outside their docked freighter…After entering the ship they found Aris Shen (Arrend’s daughter and primary contact for the job at hand) who had apparently gained access to the ship and was waiting for them in their central lounge sipping their Correlian Brandy….



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