Joshua’s Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG – Session 1

Session 1- Prologue

Destitute and with little other choice available to them, the smuggler crew of the Peregrine have come to CLOUD CITY on Bespin to carry out a heist on behalf of a shady client. The crew have been tasked with stealing the JEWEL OF YAVIN, a rare corusca gem to be auctioned in the city in a few days time. They have been tasked not only with stealing the gem, but also with hacking the bank handling the transaction of the winning bid and diverting funds into an account held by their employer, and (if possible), psychologically manipulating the registered bidders themselves in an effort to drive the price of the final as high as possible.

To this end several members of the crew must secure an invite to the auction gala event and (with the possible exception of glamourous ex pleasure slave Twi’lek Lillandra), the only feasible way to achieve this is to enter and win the Cloud City pod race grand prix (the winners of which will be invited as guests of honour). The crew have four days to arrange all this while trying to evade notice of Cloud city’s security forces and those hired by the owner of the gem to keep it secure.

Will Master Mitnik secure the necessary slicing gear and set up a successful spike program to hack the bank in time? Will the team formulate a sucessful plan to break into the museum, bypass security and escape with the gem? Will Sullustan pilot Salis win the cloud car race allowing the crew to infiltrate the auction? Can Lillandra charm her way into the auction and inner circle of bidders? Will space-faring Twi’lek Tal be recognised as a wanted fugitive on Bespin, bringing the whole plan into danger of exposure? What is the mysterious artefact held in the museum and sensed by force sensitive Nautolan Ya’ Sin and who is the mysterious figure glimpsed in the lower level market zones who can seemingly disappear into thin air?

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