Games We Play

Almost anything! Don’t be surprised when you see a table stacked with wildly different games you’ve never heard of, as well as a few of the old favorites.

Currently games are brought in by members on the day. Feel free to bring your own along or play one of ours. We also have some terrain available for our miniatures gamers.

We have a strong miniatures gaming presence with Warhammer, Infinity, Bolt Action and Star Wars Legion being popular. Additionally we have regular minis painting days every month or two for all levels of painters.

Pen and Paper RPGs are also enthusiasticly embraced by many. Our past President, Ben Hayes, has been running a Pathfinder campaign for the clubs junior members which is has been very sucessful. D&D, Deadlands and Star Wars are some of a long list of RPGs members play.

Members Game Lists

The following members are happy to bring in games from their private libraries for others to play. Please peruse their lists at your leisure. If something looks fun leave a message in the facebook site, prior to a game day, to coordinate play.

Sam Clayton (Committee Member)
Damon Baume (Treasurer)
Dave Gray (President)
Club Games (small list of donated games)