Event Calendar

Edge of the Empire RPG with Joshua @ Lismore Heights Sports Club
Mar 25 @ 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

“Scoundrel. I like the sound of that.”
    Han Solo

Participate in grim and gritty adventures in places where morality is gray and nothing is certain. Ply your trade as a smuggler in the Outer Rim, collect bounties on the scum that live in the shadows of Coruscant, or try to establish a new colony on a planet beneath the Empire’s notice…

Sunday Club Day @ Lismore Heights Bowling Club
Mar 25 @ 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Mice and Mystics board gameOur regular club day is every Sunday, 11am to 7pm, at the Lismore Heights Bowling Club, 181A High St., Lismore Heights NSW 2480.

Meetings have a relaxed & social atmosphere. They are an ideal time to learn the rules of a new game, or practice for a tournament. We encourage and support gamers of all levels, from newcomers to tournament veterans.

Currently games are brought in by members on the day. Feel free to bring your own along or play one of ours. A major priority of the club is the establishment of a games library including lots of new terrain for our miniatures gamers.

Members: Free
Non-Members: $5 (though your first meeting is free)

Ben’s Infinity Slow Grow League @ Lismore Heights Sports Club
Apr 1 @ 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

What’s a Slow Grow league you ask? Basically you play games at escalating sizes and complexity, progressing from basic starter box games, up to 200pts, then 250, then 300, hopefully with a mix of newer players and veterans.

There will also be a fun achievements list, to give everyone a chance at a sweet top score.

What will you need to do? Have a starter box. They retail between $50 and $60, or there are some 300 pt army boxes (careful of the Corregidor one, it’s a trap) for $120, and two player starter sets you could split with a friend that have starters plus an additional model. Happy to help folks with this.

Bolt Action, Necromunda, AOS etc Game Day
Apr 1 @ 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Every three (3) weeks from 18 February 2018 – this event does not clash with Infinity and the Edge of the Empire RPG event.

This event has been created for LTTG members who are committed to so many games, we can’t keep track 😀. It will also let people know when Bolt Action, Necromunda, Age of Sigmar etc will be played so people wanting to try a game can join in.