The Committee

Lismore TableTop Gamers Inc. is overseen by a committee consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, a Public Officer and 3 ordinary members.

Every year at the Annual General Meeting, all committee positions are spilled and club members are welcome to nominate and vote for committee positions.

To get in contact with a member of the committee you can either turn up to one of our events or message us on the club Facebook site.

David Gray - President

Club Social Media Advocate, Herder of Cats and author of our weekly blog The Final Score.

Dave Gray - Vice President

Sci-Fi Fan and Deputy Herder of Cats

Damon Baume - Treasurer

Manager of club funds, expert banisher of “Old Ones”.

Sam Clayton - Sectretary

Public Officer and Keeper of the Things.

Michael Lyness - Ordinary Committee Member

Modeler Extraordinaire and Historical Miniatures Man

Billy McQueen - Ordinary Committee Member

Bolt Action and X-Wing Guy

Joshua Underhill - Ordinary Committee Member

Armada Admiral and Painter of Tiny Things