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Our Committee trusts you are safe and well. We would like to do our part in keeping it that way. There is little doubt that the country and indeed the world is facing a Pandemic of the modern era like none we have seen before. It has caused us to consider our position as a club where people meet and how they meet.

We have reluctantly decided that the Sunday game day is to go on hiatus until further notice.

What we would love to see is an increase in posts on our Facebook page of your gaming strategies to ride it out! Lots of pictures too! While we might not be meeting we should be sharing our experiences with each other and supporting our gaming family.

Please be safe and exercise the highest standards of self care.

We will be advising members once we plan to recommence Sunday game days. Keep in mind this could be an extended period of time with estimates being up to 6 months of current control strategies.

David Gray
On Behalf of the Lismore Tabletop Gamers Club Committee

21 March 2020

Community through tabletop games

Lismore TableTop Gamers Inc. is an inclusive gaming community established to create a friendly gaming space for all gamers. Tabletop games include board games, card games, miniatures games and role playing games.

Our Mission is to educate, engage and cultivate the tabletop game community by providing events, interactions, and access to games.

Our Vision is to create a broad and enduring community built on the fun and friendship found in tabletop games.

Meetings have a relaxed & social atmosphere. They are an ideal time to learn the rules of a new game, or practice for a tournament. We encourage and support gamers of all levels, from newcomers to tournament veterans.

We’re a non profit association incorporated in NSW. All funds raised are used to support the Objects of the association – the playing and promotion of tabletop gaming. Click for our objects and constitution.


Sundays 11am-7pm

(check our Facebook page for changes https://www.facebook.com/groups/lismoretabletopgamers)


Lismore Heights Sports Recreation & Community Club